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27 June 2009 @ 10:58 pm
5 times Kat and Daiki took a picture  
Title: 5 times Kat and Daiki took a picture
author: me, Raven
Rating: G (i think)
Summary: Daiki and Kat take pics.

~5 times Kat and Daiki took a picture~

I. At the corner café
Kat had just got out of school and started on her way to meet her two friends, Sachi and Shida.

She reached the corner café and yelled, “Hey guys!”

The two saw her, “Kat!”

Kat reached them and they sat down to drink their favorite drink, strawberry milkshakes.

Sachi smiled, “I love strawberry milkshakes!”

Shida replied, “Not as much as Yama-chan…”

Sachi’s smile faded into a frown, “Yama-chan…”

Kat interjected, “Yeah, they’re good. I wonder where he is…”

“Are you talking about me?”

The three looked towards the door and saw Yamada leaning in the doorway, smirking.

Sachi scoffed, “Oh, you’re here…”

Yamada smiled, “Yeah, I am…”

Yuma pushed Yamada aside, “Sachi I’m here!”

Sachi eyes lit up as she saw him come over, take a straw from the cup on the table, and started sharing the milkshake with her.

Yamada straightened up and sat next to Shida. Kat sighed as she waited.

Daiki ran in, a Polaroid camera around his neck, “Sorry I’m late.”

Yamada smirked, “You’re always late!”

Sachi hit Yamada upside the head, “He’s not you idiot!”

Shida smiled and Yuma got up to grab another milkshake.

Daiki sat next to Kat and they started to share her milkshake. Sachi got up, took Daiki’s camera and started taking pictures. Shida and Yamada, her and Yuma, her and Shida, Yamada and Yuma. She then turned the camera to Daiki and Kat. Daiki put his arm around Kat, she smiled and held up her peace sign. Sachi took the picture. When Kat looked at it, Daiki had kissed her on the cheek without her noticing. She took the picture and put it on the front of her notebook, smiling.

II. In an arcade in Shibuya
Kat walked out of her house and smiled at her cellphone, “Daiki will be there soon.”

She hopped on the train and rode to Shibuya. She got off the train and headed into the arcade. She smiled as she looked around. She started remembering the first time she met Daiki. She walked to the purikura machine and smiled. She turned away to see if Daiki was there but someone grabbed her arm and dragged her into the purikura machine.

She turned to see a smiling Daiki, “Surprise.”

Kat smiled, “You shouldn’t do that. People might think that you’re a kidnapper…”

He smirked, “At least the kid I nabbed is cute…”

Kat blushed and looked away.

Daiki turned to the machine, “Let’s take a picture.” He pressed the button to start the machine but nothing happened. He frowned, “Oh well, time for plan B…” He pulled a camera from his back pocket and grabbed Kat. He took a picture and then he put a hand on her cheek. Daiki leaned in and kissed her. He took a picture and let go of Kat. She looked at him and blushed. They took pictures for the rest of the day, and he walked her home after.

III. In a taxi
Kat was at home minding her business when she got a text.

"Kat, meet me outside, I wanna take you somewhere!"

The text was from Daiki. Kat smiled and dressed up in her cute pink shirt that Daiki bought her for their first anniversary. She grabbed her cell phone and slipped it in her pocket. She looked outside her window and seconds later the doorbell rang. She jumped but headed to the door to open it.

She opened the door and saw Daiki looking back at her.

"Hey Kat."

"Hey Daiki..." She blushed.

"So, are you ready to go?"

"Where are we going exactly?"

"It's a secret.~"

Kat sighed and knew that when Daiki said that, he ment it. They walked out of her house and down the street. They grabbed a taxi and Daiki whispered the location in which they were going to the driver who nodded. Daiki climbed in and smiled.

"Daiki, where are we going?"

"Kat, I said it was a surprise. If I told you where we were going, it wouldn't be a surprise now would it?"

Kat smiled and looked out the window. They passed a huge mall and she wanted some ice cream.

"Eh?" Kat looked at Daiki who was holding a camera.

Daiki smiled and took another picture. He kept taking pictures and Kat's pout transformed into a smile.

"Give me more Kat!!" Daiki was trying to sound like a photographer.

Kat gave him all the cute poses she could muster and then he grabbed her by the shoulder and pointed the camera at them. They took pictures of each other up until the driver said that they had arrived to the place that Daiki had wanted them to go.

They climbed out of the car and Kat looked at the building in front of her. It was the place where she and Daiki spent their anniversary together last year. They had been together for two years and going back to this place made her want to cry.

Daiki grabbed her hand, "Let's get you that strawberry cake that you love."

IV. Walking home from school
Kat was walking out of class hen she spotted him. Daiki was waiting for her in at the end of the hall.


Daiki looked up and smiled at her. She reached him and he grabbed her hand, "Shall we?"

They walked out of the building and out the school gates. Kat looked up and the clouds in the sky were fluffy.

"Daiki, let's take a picture of the clouds, they look cute!"

Daiki took out his camera and took pictures of the clouds that Kat pointed at. Then, he turned the camera on her and started talking pictures. He smiled as she tried to shy away and kept saying how cute she was.

"Kat, look at that cloud."

Kat turned to the sky and noticed a heart shaped cloud in the sky. Daiki grabbed Kat and took a picture.

In the frame was the cloud above Daiki kissing Kat.

V. At a Sanrio store
Kat and Daiki.
Dating for two years.
Happy all the time.
Girls envy her.
Boys envy him.
They seem like your untouchable couple.
But in the end, there is one thing that could stand in their way.

Rachel's birthday.

Kat and Daiki had headed out to go shopping for Kat's friend Rachel. Kat was going to send the gift to Rachel in the Philippines They had gone to the local Sanrio store in Tokyo and decided to shop.

"I wonder what Rachel doesn't have yet..."

Daiki smiled, "Your friend Rachel must love Hello Kitty alot..."

Kat nodded, "She does." The two walked down the aisles and Kat wondered what to get. There were soo many things to choose from. Lamps, lights, curtains, tables, chairs, computers, this store seemed to have it all.

Daiki looked over his shoulder and noticed a Hello Kitty purikura machine. He smiled and pulled Kat over to it.

"How about this?"

Kat looked at it, "Oh my god. It's perfect!!!!"

They purchased the machine and sent it to Rachel.

Two weeks later, Rachel opened the door and watched the huge package come into the room. She opened it and smiled. Kat left a note and Rachel plugged it in.

Looking at the machine, Kat and Daiki had left her some pics they took on the machine, so they could, 'see her smile'.


I hope you kids like this. I started it for sachi/ baliwnababae; and now it's finally done.


♡: cheerfulcheerful
♪: Someday for Somebody - Kamenashi Kazuya
山☂知: JUMP ・ 涼介 ・ lolbaliwnababae on June 27th, 2009 03:34 pm (UTC)
rich kid is rich
ravenskiss13 on June 28th, 2009 06:57 am (UTC)
when you're a johnny's yes, they are that rich.
and daiki has to keep kat happy.
(strawberry cake when she wants is expensive you know...)